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J SD38s Arrive

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Three of the four EJ&E SD38s reported to be headed to the Twin Ports have arrived. The 665, 662, and 666 were at the DW&P Pokegama engine facility this morning in a light snow/rain mix. Not sure where the 674 is as it was picked up with the other three for the trip north. The 666 is an SD38-3 but the other two are SD38-2s. It still has yet to be seen if the Missabe will get the six SD38-3s it requested for use on the T-Birds - no rush for them now with Unitac going in hibernation mode come May with a maintenance and "vacation" shutdown lasting through mid-June.

Three J SD38s at Pokegama
Three J SD38s at Pokegama

Dave Schauer
Missabe Railroad Historical Society
Publications Chair
Duluth, MN