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Range Update

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Before there are nothing but crickets making noise along the former Missabe, here is what was running today- Sunday April 19th. The day was overcast and but with the looming shutdowns, the cloudy day shots of common power will have to do. Lots of tunnel motor action with the repainted units of the former DM&IR making a strong showing.

In order:

DM&IR 401 and 405 on a T-Bird

04-19-09 Tunnel Power

Next was DM&IR 402 leading out of Minntac for Proctor

04-19-09 Minntac (About Time)

04-19-09 DM&IR 402

Then the 404-409-400 on a Minorca train for Two Harbors

04-19-09 Curve at Wolf
04-19-09 DM&IR 404

Then the Keenan Switch.

04-19-09 Keenan Switch

And the other T-Bird

04-19-09 I.C. Bird

And a token Core train.

04-19-09 CN core train

And some oldies but goodies that are hanging around.

04-19-09 Two DM&IR boxcars
04-19-09 DM&IR 5904
04-19-09 X-19 Crane and W-6335 Boom Car

As Dave stated the BFT operation looks to have been restarted at United. No visual today on the power used. And a bird told me the new ore cars are still scheduled to be delivered in July. Get them broke in just in time for winter and the expected issues of cold weather and air. Those cars and the orange "J" units in service hopefully in service up here on the Range and it may be a busy place again in the fall for railfanning. Until then "ore fanning will be an excercise in futility".

Holding out hope on the Iron Range.