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DM&IR 316 Runs Again!

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Good news from the land of retired DM&IR SD-Ms. With help from Marty Fair of the LSRM and a jump start from fellow Missabe unit 193 the Missabe Railroad Historical Society DM&IR 316 was started and brought back to life today for the first time since donation and leaving CN property last fall. A few gremlins cropped up which is to be expected and will have to be fixed, but once we had it up to operating temperature I put the locomotive on line threw the reverser in forward and the 316 MOVED! (Of course I tested the air brakes before moving it).

We ran it back and forth on the museum ground, testing a number of things including the dynamic brakes ( those worked well). We have a problem with the governor that is causing the engine to remain in a higher idle and still need to find new starting batteries to replace the two tubs that have bad cells and will not take a charge. Hopefully this weekend weather will hold that during the annual MRHS clean team day on Saturday that during the afternoon we can scrub down the outside of the engine and clean up the accumulated crap inside the engineroom ( it is a very greasy job).

A fundraising flyer will be included in the next issue of the MRHS Ore Extra for those wanting to contribute a "tax deductible" donation to the Heritage Fund established for restoration and maintenance of the 316 and bay window caboose C-205.

Kent Rengo
Duluth, MN