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EJ&E 662 at Pokegama

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Sounds like EJ&E 662 is getting on the controlled siding at South Pokegama right now (1815). Usually when they make this move at this time of day it is getting on the transfer for the UP at Itasca. So the J-Ball might be leading into Itasca in maybe an hour or so? Would be the 662 and IC 6204 elephant.

It would be the third time today that the 662 has "led."

They used it as the single unit on the transfer to CP Stinson aroun 0800 through Saunders short hood forward which I missed. Darn.

Then it was paired up with its usual partner IC 6204 to shove a long 147- car monster M347 up Steelton Hill around 1430 or so. That one I caught. They seem to keep the 6204 and 662 elephant style because the long hood end of the 6204 has a helper link which means the helpers can disconnect at speed. Would be nice if they put that on the J units around here which would show they are staying.

The 665 and 666 have been the switchers at Pokey today and have not ventured out.

Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI