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Some red, black and orange.

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Today was one of those days it was too nice to stay inside and with my huny-do-list done for the day I headed out first driving up to Proctor to see what was (not) up. The 408 and two other tunnel rats were on the point of a loaded limestone train. It didn't appear they would be departing soon I headed down the hill to Gary (the 408 later departed but I was not in a position to catch them). A northbound CN train was having helpers added to the rear at Pokegama for an assist up Steelton Hill so after a bit more monitoring I was able to catch the IC 6204 and J-ball 662 catching a ride over the St Louis River into South Steelton.

I headed up to the old Skyline Drive over pass and walked in to find a spot to shoot. Kevin Madsen showed up and surprised me with a hello from the bridge above and between us we shot the CN 2429 straining against the heavy grade with its 147 car train and only two out of three locomotive running, plus the helpers on the rear.

EJ&E 662 adds some color to the surrounding area.

Kevin and I B.S.'d for a bit more then went our separate ways. I was heading for Superior when the RTC called M342 giving them the light out of Carson now that M343 had cleared Nopeming Jct. on the Rainy Sub. So over to the old location on the Missabe called Nevada to shoot IC 2715 starting its descent downgrade.

One more shot of M342 at secret location number 101 a spot I need to come back to for a northbound once things green up.

After making a quick stop in Superior I headed home, but not before spying this former Soo Line repainted GP38-2 4433 in Duluth.

With all eyes on CN retiring or repainted locomotives of the fallen flags within their system, sometime one can forget that CP is slowly doing the same thing with former Soo Line locomotives.

Kent Rengo
Duluth, MN