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Cloudy Saturday

I had hoped to come up to the Twin Ports this last weekend for some good weather that was enjoyed the previous weekend but it wasn't meant to be. As I drove up from the Cities on Friday evening the clouds followed me the entire way so it wasn't looking good. I woke up early Saturday only to fine it wet and cloudy out so I went back to bed for a few hours. When it is cloudy, sleep is more important. At about 10am I got an email on the Blackberry from Mr. Madsen regarding the EJ&E 665 and 666 out on a transfer at the 28th St Yard. So I packed up the camera and headed to M&J Junction to intercept and try to make the best out of a cloudy day.

While waiting for the J, Kevin stopped by and I snapped a couple shots of a northbound cool train.

BNSF 9931 BN Crossing

As it passed the Devil train came around the corner.

EJ&E 666/665 M&J Jct

Kevin headed home and I departed as well. About 30 minutes later I got call from Kevin at Railfan Central who informed me that EJ&E 662 was over at the Stinson Yard doing a CP transfer. By the time I got there she had departed so I grabbed a shot of CP 4616 sitting in the yard.

CP 4616 Stinson Yard

By now Kevin had called and stated that 662 was sitting somewhere between Stinson and Saunders so I headed to Saunders to wait. Meanwhile Missabefan was texting me for my location. He was in Proctor and heading down the hill. Before 662 arrived I shot north and a southbound CN freight.

CN 8813 Saunders
CN 2668 Saunders

By now Todd aka Missabefan had arrived in time for light power 662 moving back to Pokey.

EJ&E 662

Shortly after Railfan Dispatcher Madsen called to let us know that 662 was going to be shoving up Steelton Hill. So we dropped Todd's truck off in Kevin's driveway (ok it was Target) and headed to Steelton to get in position.

EJ&E 662 Steelton Yard

Then a shot from Beck's road:

EJ&E 662 Steelton Hill

And one more at Nopeming Junction:

EJ&E 662 Nopeming Junction

We had then intended to follow her up to Simar but Todd had a major Hamm's distraction which required us to stop and go off completely course for the next hour.

Missabefan and Hamm's

We then wandered around Proctor, then Duluth and back to Superior for a shot of one of the grain elevator switchers.


By this time Railfan Master Madsen called informing of Hibtac empties departing Allouez so we headed down Tower Avenue to Saunders.
BNSF 6050 Hibtac empties

Then another shot at Boylston.

BNSF 6050 Boylston

Our next assignment was the 662 departing Pokegama for South Itasca. We waited for well over 2 hours this one as it got delayed by another Northbound CN freight. It was so dark by this time I had to shot at 1600 ISO.

EJ&E 662 PEG-UP Transfer

All in all and ok day despite the clouds and complete lack of sun. Getting to see all three J's finally made up for it.

Shawn Christie
Minnetonka, MN