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A Couple of Hibtac Shots

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Have been trying to shoot BNSF ore moves with them going extinct for the summer on May 15th. Of course Keetac hasn't gotten a train since last year, and Hibbtac is down to one train every two days. So it hasn't been easy.

Last Sunday I heard one leave Allouez in the morning. Was about to go on a morning drive with my son, so we eventually headed west. The empty tac. train beat us to Scanlon unfortunately. So with a sleeping two year old offering no objection from the back, I made my way up towards the Alborn area. Was a nice drive up there. No CN core trains or ore trains on the Missabe Div. so we had a quiet wait before the 6050 West headed under the former Missabe overpass.

Endangered Species

No other trains on the Missabe or BNSF all the way back to Duluth/Superior. Don't think I will get north of Proctor much this summer.

After school on Thursday, I heard an empty leave Allouez around 1630. About this same time a northbound was heading to Simar on the Peg with the J-Ball helper (662). I decided to go after the BNSF ore train as I will probably not see one of those for awhile and hopefully the other orange will keep us occupied with something through the summer.

A 181-car U-ALLBRM from the railfan overpass at Carlton. Although they look like newer cars, the first couple are partial repaints of just regular 1976 or 1980 cars.

BNSF 6050 West at Chub Lake

Might be my last BNSF ore post for awhile. The talk at Allouez is that the plant will come back in late August or September.

Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI