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Sunday and Monday Pushing

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Went out early on Sunday. One good thing about having the little guy wake me up at 0600, even on a cloudy day, is that you are out in the field if the weather is better than expected. This was the case as I was driving around early and found A439 at Steelton getting the helpers on. Was some clearing away from the Lake I was finally glad I was up and out of bed on this Sunday morning.

Once the 439 got moving I followed the northbound and it was out of Steelton around 0715. The 6204 and 662 got the northbound up the hill in fine fashion even though they had only 1.5 HPT. The SD38-2s seem fitted for this service. Usually CN tires for 1.8 HPT on the hill so either they had confidence in the SDs shoving or they were hoping for the best.

Right when they got the train near Bardon's Peak a blue hole developed. Then on to the Becks Rd. where the sun just held out.

[G2:2484 n=1 frame=none size=480]From there, I followed the train north to Simar, but no more sun.

The next train to be shoved up the hill was M-343 which took forever to make its set out and pick up in the yard. We spend about 2 hours playing at the modest park in Oliver wearing out the slide, before the 2 C44-9Ws whistled for the crossings at Oliver. By now it was high sun time, but still took a couple of shots at the Oliver Bridge as the sun held.

[G2:2491 n=1 frame=none size=480][G2:2487 n=1 frame=none size=480]Fast forward to Monday. Right when I was leaving school in the P.M., I heard a northbound (341) talking to the pushers around Steelton. They called signals to each other so I headed up by Maple Grove Rd not knowing what was on the tail end. Once they got the train on the Peg, they gave the single unit pusher a track authority and it was sure a surprise as I was expecting something orange or black. Add another roadname to the vast list CN can put on the back of a train. Was clouded at Maple Grove Rd. and Hermantown Rd. so here is the backlit action around Simar.

[G2:2497 n=1 frame=none size=480][G2:2494 n=1 frame=none size=480]Too bad it was so dirty, but can add another roadname to my list from the past 5 years of shoving out of Pokey. Think I have CN, IC, DM&IR, B&LE, GTW (gray), GCFX, UP, WC, and BCOL now in digi or slides. Probably others? Would make for an interesting slide show down the line.

Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI