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CN Maintenance on the Range.

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CN does seem to be doing a lot of maintenance etc. to the rails around the Range. The Herzog truck was at Iron Jct. yesterday around 1500 as the MRF passed by. Speaking of Herzog there is a string of ballast hoppers with Herzog on the side in the yard at Virginia now (0630) stretching the full length of the yard. This along with two strings of the orange hoppers and somebody is getting a lot of rock from Minntac (Prindle). Maybe it's for the barge being loaded at Hallet bound for Chicago. Around 5000 tons being put on a barge for road projects in Chicago area transit projects. I tried to link the article in an earlier post but it didnt work. They dont say where the rock is coming from but that it's taconite.

There has also been a Loram unit around the last couple of weeks.

[G2:2638 n=1 frame=none size=480]

[G2:2635 n=1 frame=none size=480]They were around Wolf on Wed.

Also there is a track cleaning (?) machine at Wolf. They were cleaning the debris from between the rails at Iron heading north earlier this week. Man the dust!!!

New signals have been installed for County Road 7 at Iron Jct on the IR Sub and new grade crossing are being installed at north Virginia on the Rainy.

There has been some activity around and maint. is being preformed. Getting ready for the upswing hopefully.