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Orange and Maroon on the Range

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Subtitle: Cloudy Day Shots of Common Power.

Warning: If your not a fan of cloudy day shots then these are not for you.

Had a few stops to make in the area today so I swung by the yard in Virginia. The crew was aboard the EJ&E 660 and it looked as if they were about to head out with a string of empty ballast hoppers. I headed up to the Prindle area to get a couple of shots of them up there.

Here they come up the CN Rainy Sub. to Prindle.

06-08-09 EJ&E 660 at Prindle

They spot the cars in two cuts and the loader moves in.

 06-08-09 EJ&E 660 at Prindle

Then they head back towards Virginia light power.

06-08-09 EJ&E 660 returning to Virginia

Then they were going to head to Shelton Jct. to drop off two cars.

Next up is the maroon portion of the morning.

As you may know Minntac has started one line for a couple of weeks then they will shut down again for a few more weeks. I heard a train dail up RTC.
And then I heard: DM&IR 403 your all loaded and ready to depart.
Correct. We loaded 140 and are ready to depart off the East towards Proctor.


I headed to the Highway 169 bridge for the shot anyway.

h06-08-09 DM&IR 403 down the hill

Naturally somebody had to pull up trackside so they could walk their dog as the train appeared.

After that I headed toward Shelton as it was really starting to rain. Had the sun been shining I was heading to Proctor! I heard the Keenan Switch calling to head there and EJ&E 660 called to go there also. Power for the Keenan Switch was DM&IR 407 and I.C. 6261.
Track cleaning operations were also taking place at Largo, hopefully in preparations of United starting back up shortly.

And that's about all there is.

Thanks for looking and remember:

06-08-09 Look for Trains


Eveleth-June 8th 2009 45 degrees and rain. Happy Halloween.