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DM&IR 316 and storm light

R.T. Challenger's picture

With the NSSR being one of the few regularly running trains in town and curious to know how the MRHS's former Missabe SD-M 316 was running during its second use on the NSSR I headed north a few miles from home to wait for the trainS return. The 316 is pinch hitting on the NSSR for sister SD18 193 which is out of service until a wheel set can be replaced. Up at M.P. 10 I found a nice rise that had been cleared of brush so I waited. While waiting I took one shot back toward Duluth of the storm rolling through town. I was lucky enough to stay just outside the shadow line of the clouds at this location.

Within a few minutes I heard the sound of a horn and over the rise to the east came the 316 leading the NSSR RDC-1 and DM&IR W-24. Notice to the left the thunderheads building.

Closer to town I passed list members Missabefan and Shawn Christie who set up for a shot at Lakewood Rd. I elected for this one at M.P. 8. By now we were play shadow tag with the edge of the storm.

Couple miles closer and more diffused sunlight.

The 316 followed the Lester River train pulled by the Soo 700 back to the run around track at Lakeside and passed them there. Shawn and Todd caught the meet here. I got two thumbs up from the engineer letting me know the 316 ran well. I still have a laundry list of projects to complete on the 316 but now knowing the locomotive is running well, hopefully we can achieve our goal to raise the necessary funds in the near future to cosmetically restore the locomotive and caboose C-205. Thanks to all who have helped so far on the locomotive with support, blood, sweat and swears. ;)

Kent Rengo
Duluth, MN