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Assorted Goodies On The Range

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Was out checking what the CN has been up to recently as far as power is concerned here on the Range. The weather hasn't been the best but it was more of a scouting trip than anything. I don't anticipate a large rush of railfans to the area either. But in case your interested.

First up is the MRF coming into Iron Jct.

06-17-09 Mighty MRF

Next up is the Keenan Switch. Almost missed them as I had to negotiate a guy pulling a trailer down the road. What's the big deal you say. Happens all the time you say. Well the guy decided the trailer didn't need wheels to be moved. Just rims. You cant make this stuff up. Anyway.

06-18-09 Keenan Coal Loads

The GTW unit is a nice addition. Not the DM&IR 308 but....

On the way back towards Iron, I had to wait for CN M343 to clear Ramshaw. CN must have a new plan to put plenty of power on the head end to make the hills of Steelton and Laurentian with out EJ&E helpers. Damn you Kevin Madsen BTW!

06-18-09 M343 North

On down to Fairlane to see if I could find a bird. But not before I had to pull over on Highway 7 for this to go by.

06-18-09 Head On
06-18-09 Big Load

Finally pulled into Fairlane and was greeted with a T-Bird and a pellet loader.

06-18-09 Loads and a Bird

As the T-Bird pulled out I noticed half the train had the reflective tape and some of the cars numbers had been touched up. All of them had been inspected on 06-06-09 also.

06-18-09 New Look

Ran into a elderly couple from Louisiana out railfanning. The guy was tickled he got to see a pellet train steaming. And something besides BNSF and UP. They were having a good time in the Duluth area earlier. They were at LSRM and Proctor. He did mention he saw B&LE 903, DM&IR 403 and a CN something with empty ore cars earlier in the day heading out of Proctor. Assumed it was the Minntac train.

That's what there is as of yesterday. And if you are really lucky you may even see this..

06-12-09 The New Ugly Duck
06-12-09 Working the Duck

Thanks for looking!

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or Todd from Eveleth