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Twin Ports Road Work Update

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A few items of note for road construction in the Twin Ports.

Work is being done on the highway bridge that spans the CN mainline at Saunders on Wisconsin Highway 35 (Tower Avenue). The bridge is down to one lane with stop lights controlling traffic.

The Oliver Bridge continues to be closed weekdays between 7A and 4P. I drove over it this weekend and the work being done appears to be steel plate and cross beam replacements under the railroad portion of the bridge. I can see where it will take a good portion of the summer to finish that steel work (looks like they are starting form the
Oliver side and working towards Duluth).

Highway 2 is closed for eastbound traffic at the I-35 bridge coming down from Proctor. Traffic is being detoured to the McDonalds exit. Westbound traffic is not impacted, however, Skyline Parkway is closed right at the junction of Highway 2 and I-35 at Thompson Hill.

Dave Schauer
Missabe Railroad Historical Society
Publications Chair
Duluth, MN