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CN Northbound Photos Out of Pokey

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Looking through my shots from so far this summer, I see lots of CN core trains. This is probably because with the EJ&E units in the helper pool I have been paying more attention to the CN around here north of Pokegama. And often in 2009 the CN is the only moving show in town. Of course top priority goes to the usually orange powered CN transfer jobs. But, those transfers with J units to the various yards are unpredictable, with UP and CP mostly running night freights, somedays as much as people (myself included) complain about CN it is nice to have around.

Like CN or not, they do run on a schedule and the way they run you are pretty much guarenteed for a morning northbound and afternoon northbound. That is more than you can say for BNSF who usually sends out a couple of coal trains with faded AC power and also runs their freights at night like CP and UP. And with ore barely moving there is nothing out of Steelton or Allouez on the BNSF or not even afternoon PRS or northbound out of Proctor each day anymore.

So some CN shots (non orange even) from this summer so far:

The M-347 usually runs out of Pokey in the mornings. Somedays it gets out before sunrise, but most times it calls to leave Pokey around 0600-0800. It is a long, heavy train which often gets an assist by the Steelton Hill Shovers. Here is one such northbound run seen from Skyline Parkway at North Steelton. This particular train departed Pokey at 0730. Two engines up front.

[G2:2821 n=1 frame=none size=480]

Two engines shoving on the hind end.

[G2:2817 n=1 frame=none size=480]

The regular P.M. northbound is usually the also heavy M-343. It leaves Pokey many times between 1500-1800, making for good light up the hill.

Here is a SD70-M leading one through Harney on the Peg. No helpers required with all that head end horse power.

[G2:2813 n=1 frame=none size=480]

Later in the month another M-343 left Pokey with a cowl unit leading. The EMD cowls on CN are some of my favorite mainline power left on the Class Is so Marcus and I gave chase north.

First shot was at South Steelton.

[G2:2809 n=1 frame=none size=480]

Next we shot it at Beck's Rd. Even with the EJE 659 and IC 6204 helping it was a slow go up the grade.

[G2:2805 n=1 frame=none size=480]

The slow, slow speed and cowl unit made the race to the next spot tempting. So I entered the Daddy Olympics and got the car/stroller to the next spot. Remember that run in May Todd? We made it with a minute to spare.

[G2:28029 n=1 frame=none size=480]

Many times 439 runs out of Pokey in the morning, but sometimes leaves before daylight. It depends on when overnight 438 gets in as they share the same power. It usually only has two engines so often needs a nudge up the hill too. Lately Q119 has been an evening train up Steelton Hill also, along with Q199 the days it runs.

For southbounds, Q118 is a regular morning train. M-342 comes down in the afternoon. Here is one such 342 last month when I had to drive out of Superior for some sun and heat.

[G2:2798 n=1 frame=none size=480]

NotSeems like we have finally turned the corner on the weather as it has been just beautiful around here.

Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI