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More DM&IR 403 Leading

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I'll throw out a few more shots of DM&IR 403 leading a pellet train southward from United Taconite (the only plant running but at a 32 hour work week) with 140 loads of still steaming pellets.

Leaving Fairlane with a T-Bird.

Out of Fairlane.

And crossing the Whiteface River. There was a nice couple fishing from the bridge as the train approached but the got off in planty of time. They did however leave the adult beverages on the railing.

And a few shots to fill in the holes from United Taconite to Saginaw Depot where I turned around.

07-05-09Lights at Fairlane
07-05-09 Leaving Fairlane
07-05-09 Past Fens
07-05-09 Burnett
07-05-09 Saginaw
07-05-09 Past Saginaw

A figured I'd post a few of a Missabe leader seeing as they are limited and before the froth from the new cars takes over for a while.

Thanks for looking.