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Updated: If at first you don't succeed....

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Updated: On my way home from the airport late yesterday afternoon I drove past Proctor and it appeared the string of new cars was still sitting empty in the departure yard, unless that string included the new batch that was at Steelton on Tuesday night (haven't checked out Steelton since my return). - Dave Schauer

M&IR 409 North left Proctor around 1145 with ore empties for Unitac. This is a U717 or a 1045 Unitac type train. Power is the
409 and 401.

This train should have new cars on it as they must be trying to load and unload them again after they moved them to the departure yard

They should be on the head end of the train unless the train was shuffled around from when I saw it sitting in Proctor this

Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI