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Range Action

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Some notes of interest for the Range.

There are fifty one (51) All-Rails scheduled for the month of September out of Minntac for Granite City and Fairfield.

In case you missed it, Minntac is scheduled to come back to almost full production with four lines running by the end of September.

There are a total of four pellet trains bound for Two Harbors this week.

A switch engine is now at Two Harbors and it's believed to be an I.C. unit. Also the cars there are being run to Minntac then to Proctor for FRA scheduled check-ups. And Proctor cars go to Minntac then to Two Harbors to make the switch.

The new ore cars are still being tested and worked on. There where 40 brought up for loading at United and are the current test subjects.

United is also loading off the stock pile that was on the ground by the plant. The first 40 cars get loaded off the pile and the rest of the 136 get fresh hot pellets. They were steaming today and it was actually 85 degrees ABOVE zero when the train left Fairlane at 1900 hours.

United is also reported to be ramping up production a little here shortly.

The DM&IR 212 is on the Keenan Switch with the GT unit.

One T-Bird has the 401 and 409 and the other is the B&LE 909 and I.C. something.

And things are starting to pick up here nicely.

Hot temps. in Eveleth (for a change)