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A Few NRHS Shots

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Here are a few shots from a couple of the NRHS trains that are running in Duluth during the convention.

Weather has been very hot, but sunny. Seems as if the convention brought in one of the very few warm
spells of the summer.

On Tuesday after the LSRM gang got the Amtrak special wyed here it is shoving back into the Depot to be
serviced. Nice seeing Amtrak in downtown Duluth even with one of their P42s on the point.

[G2:3131 n=1 frame=none size=480]

Wednesday they ran an evening dinner train to TH behind the 2719. Not the best sun angles, but their
were some nice glint shots to be had. Up in TH the 2719 looked nice in the evening light with the D&IR
station. Guess as far as the title of "Steam On the Range" goes, this will have to do.

[G2:3128 n=1 frame=none size=480]

This morning, the 2719 took its second trip up the Lakefront Line. Longer 9 car train this morning seen
passing Fitgers and an unusually clear Canal Park. A half hour earlier the whole scene except the tracks
was covered in fog.

[G2:3124 n=1 frame=none size=480]

I am sure others will have more to add as there are many people around the tracks up here trackside.

Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI