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DM&IR 403 Leading

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With warm temps. (a plus 90 degrees ) and railfans everywhere on the Iron Range the past few days for the NRHS convention in Duluth, both where certainly nice to see.

On Wednesday a United Taconite pellet loader (U-717) was finishing up loading and getting ready to depart at 1900 hours from Fairlane. Was talking to the engineer for a while and he was saying that he saw a lot of railfans giving chase from Proctor to the Range. He mentioned that it had been awhile since he saw that many people chasing a train. I hung around until they left and managed a shot around the curve outside Fairlane.

I was the only one around as most everyone else headed towards Duluth and Two Harbors for the Soo 2719 show.

Today (Friday) I received a call (Thank you Mr. Madsen) that DM&IR 403 would be leading a United Taconite train southward. With good skies and a pass from home I headed out. As I crossed Highway 37 I noticed people on the bridge waiting for a southbound T-Bird. I knew I wouldn't' be alone today.

Arriving at Fairlane I was right. Several cars. Several big names in the railfan community where there to watch at photograph the last tunnel motor in Missabe colors. I managed a few shots of them as they headed south.

and near Culver.

Lots of action on the Range today with pellet trains, limestone and T-Birds--Oh My. Just like the days of old.

Thanks for looking.

Eveleth-where it's still plenty warm out but several maples are changing colors.