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Soo and DM&IR NRHS night photo session

R.T. Challenger's picture

Scott Carney, Ron Erickson and I had the opportunity to help Railfan and Railroad's editor Steve Barry coordinate placement of a few of the locomotives currently on display at the LSRM which we positioned and repositioned and turned on and off various locomotive lights for about 90 photographers between the two nights during the NRHS convention. Participant Jeff Terry took the following photos of the efforts.

The first night featured various Soo Line equipment like Soo GP30 700, Soo wide vision caboose 1. Here we see Soo FP7A 2500 and Soo Pacific 2719 fresh in from a trip from Stevens Point er.. Two Harbors.

The next night was the "Missabe night" and it featured DM&IR SD18 193 and the Missabe Railroad Historical Societies DM&IR SD-M 316 a.k.a. the "lead sled".....

Also posed was recently returned Eire Mining F9A 4211 and F9B 4222, Duluth and Northern Minnesota Mikado 14 and GN SD45 400. The 400 needed to be pulled out of the way to get the D&NM steamer out and in position. Here Jeff has added some smoke effect to the 14 smokebox.

Hustle Muscle shines here. One of the participant posed as the engineer in the 400, but I see I didn't duck soon enough and my maroon shirt is visible through the cab window.

Both session were fun and we learned a few more tips in taking night photos. Thanks to everyone for their patience while we set the locomotives up.

Kent Rengo