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CN Derailment on Rainy Subdivision

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Update 8/22:Ooo, Ray is one of those hard to get at spots for clean up. I am told they aren't detouring trains and will hold the traffic until a hole is broken through the derailment site. It is hoped that things will begin to move later today. I brought up Q199 yesterday it was only 5300 feet and not one of the 10,000 ft monsters of late. - Kent Rengo

8/ 21: From what I have gathered on the scanner CN has derailed a train somewhere between Virginia and Rainer today. Sounded pretty serious and line will be out of commission until at least Sunday (?).

They had Q-199 run around its train at Shaw as it was already north of Nopeming Jct. They took the stack train south back to the Twin Ports and I assumed were going to detour it on BNSF.

Heads up on the BNSF Lakes Sub. for detours this weekend.

Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI