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Around the Ports on Friday Evening

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Finally a break in the weather, the sun was shinning so I took advantage of it and headed out for a few hours, gets dark early now, by 8 the sun was pretty much gone, weren't we suppose to have summer before that happened?

Started out by the house with the Old Town Transfer switching the elevators in East End. Met Kevin Madsen there but he had to go home, but he did give me a heads up for the Missabe, thanks Kevin.

The Foreman riding a cut from the old flour mill to elevator M.

Headed for Skyline Parkway for a few shots, need to bring a tripod next time.

Heard the 1530 PRS calling to run down to lakehead so I headed to Collingwood. Here is the Conductor riding the shove down the hill.

Just enough sun left for this shot. I miss the Maroon days.

And finally the CP getting ready to head to Superior.

Not too bad for a few hours out and about.

Dan Mackey
Superior, WI