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Why the CP can't send the Holiday train to Duluth/Superior?

Please help us try to get CP's attention to bring the tain to Duluth/Superior. Email them at: and ask them to consider adding Duluth/Superior to the Holiday train schedule, if not this year then in 2010.

Thank You! ~Mike Burlaga

Hello Mike,

I was asked to contact you regarding your request to have the Holiday Train stop in Duluth, MN and Superior, WI. We certainly appreciate the efforts of our colleagues in this region, and your commitment to charitable activities.

With the limited time frame to run the train from its origin in Montreal through the US to the final stop in Weyburn, SK, we try to keep the train moving along the main line as much as possible. This not only allows for us to bring the train to as many CP communities as possible, but also to run along corridors which tend to have higher track speed between those communities so that we can get from stop to stop as quickly as possible.

To bring the train to Duluth/Superior would require that we bypass many locations along our main line. Because our focus is to enhance the holiday experience for CP communities, and we make a corporate donation as well as raise food, money and awareness of hunger issues in those communities, we would not stop in locations along the BNSF lines. In essence, there would be a great deal of time to get to/from your location, and the run would require more travel time than we can allocate. In addition, we only run the Holiday Train along track owned by other carriers when necessary to move the train between certain locations, such as the move between Windsor, ON and Chicago, IL. Unfortunately, we have to make difficult decisions every year when it comes to planning the route and schedule, and we try to fit in as many stops in as many CP locations as we can.

I hope this helps to answer your questions.

Kind regards,

Community Connect Advisor
Canadian Pacific