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Coal empties heading for storage on NSSR

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Now with the end of the regular operation season on the NSSR 60 coal empties are scheduled to be delivered tomorrow (Tues) from the BNSF to the NSSR for winter storage south of Knife River. The track is out of service at Knife River while the bridge over Scenic Highway 61 is rebuilt. Cars that are currently stored north of Knife River will remain and if needed CN will be called upon to pull the cars out. Power for these moves will be LSRM's former Soo GP30 700 and MRHS's former Missabe SD-M 316. It is hoped that the NSSR will host more coal train sets for winter storage along with possibility of tank cars but nothing concrete is set.

I don't have any other info as of now.

Kent Rengo

Duluth, MN