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Directional Running

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Despite saying they would flop their directional running scheme to allow northbound trains to make pick-ups at Adolph, CN apparently is still routing select northbounds up the DW&P. Case in point today was an M-343 and another northbound that were allowed to run straight up the Rainy Sub to Shelton. RTC said to both trains "342 is at Ranier so today you will take the Rainy north." Both trains had apparently thought a trip up the Missabe was in order but my impression is that there is some flexibility in the directional scheme to allow better flow of traffic when it won't cause issues. A U-717 was working its way down the Missabe side so sending the two northbounds up the Peg made some sense.

Dave Schauer
Missabe Railroad Historical Society
Publications Chair
Duluth, MN