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Pokegama and Proctor Yard update.

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Here is a update on the current ops.

Proctor Yard is now switching local train A403/404 that's coming up the former WC from Stevens Point WI. This is in addition to the UP traffic that has already been switched up at Proctor. Not sure if the local A438/439 that runs down from Canada is being worked at Proctor yet but with the recent strike (now over) that train has not been run from what I have gathered due to it being a low priority. It is possible that 438/439 will originate and terminate at Proctor since the bulk of the traffic from the one local ends up on the other and vice versa.

Since A403 is run as a complete train to Proctor from Pokey it appears that all the BNSF/CP traffic is transferred back down to Pokey for delivery. Their was over a hundred BNSF interchange cars in the yard last night that had accumulated over the past couple of days. A404 is brought down with former DW&P crews and they pick up at Pokey where the former WC crews take over. Power for 403/404 for now is still being serviced at Pokey.

Northbound core trains are picking up cars at Proctor Yard when needed if horsepower allows. I brought up a X341 yesterday that was 1.8 hpt. The outbound crew mentioned that they might be picking up 30 cars at Proctor Yard since they had power to spare and that other trains are doing this.

Some new train symbols being heard this past week (some might not be permanent now that the strike is over). M301/302, M391, A419. Gone for now due to changes in traffic patterns Q118/119. A number of Extra trains are being run to move additional traffic.

The company can't move the yard clerks from Pokey to Proctor I have been told because they are protected. But for the most part their is no adult supervision (trainmasters) on duty at Pokey. Those trainmasters are in Proctor now.

EJ&E 659 and 666 are the only J-balls left in town. The rest have been disbursed across the northern system.