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Three From the Nemadji River

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Had a chance to be out for a short spell yesterday afternoon around Superior. Luckily CN cooperated and sent a northbound in the waning sunlight so I walked to the Nemadji River bridge just east (rr south) of Saunders.

Train took forever to navigate the work around Parkland, but made it across the long, steel ex-Missabe bridge just in time. Standing there waiting for the NB reminded me of standing their a couple of times in Sept.

So, rewinding a couple of months, it was much warmer when I caught M-343 crossing the Nemadji on a hazy September Sunday with an old school wide cab leading.

[G2:4437 n=1 frame=none size=500]

Later that week, I heard CN's transfer from CP Stinson call to leave for Pokegama. I went back to the bridge and caught the now departed pair of J SD38s. Was a real long transfer as they hadn't been to Stinson for a few days. Now, I'm not sure how these transfer runs are handled with the Pokey/Proctor changes.

[G2:4440 n=1 frame=none size=500]

Another CN change in the area is those changes around Parkland that Kent and Dave have noted. Will be nice seeing a higher speed connection between the Missabe and WC. As part of this project they made North Tomco a CTC power switch, which will be helpful in delivering the UP transfers for CN which still usually use the pair of J engines that remain. I caught EJE 659 and 666 on this move Sunday and it really sped things up and allowed the next train to not run on yellows and reds. This work around Parkland/Tomco should help CN congestion around the Ports along the slow Interstate Branch. Might even be more helpful than shifting around their yards, but what do I know.

Finally, here is that M-343 from yesterday when it finally showed.

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Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI