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Slugging Snow at Proctor

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As mentioned previously, CN has assigned a slug (from Memphis) to work with GP9 7211 at Proctor switching heavy cuts of manifest traffic. How long it or the geeps remain here is yet to be seen (there was some talk of using a pair of J SD38s as the switching power at Proctor).

The slug showed up in Proctor along with a WC Jordan spreader/ditcher (possibly of GB&W heritage) and was kept coupled to the plow while the PRS crew winged and flanged snow out of the E Yard (similar to BNSF's use of their snow dozers in clearing snow from large yards). This is probably the first time since the Missabe scrapped their last remaining spreader (before the CN purchase) that a real plow has been used on the DM&IR. Since then they have used "seasonally fitted" ballast regulators to clear snow from between the rails and wing it off the grade. The heavy and wet (frozen solid) snow we received is probably too much of a match for those smaller MOW pieces. It would be sweet if the spreader made its way down Proctor/Steelton Hills or over to the IR Sub - keep your ears open!

[G2:4720 n=1 frame=none size=500]

Better view of the plow and slug.

[G2:4723 n=1 frame=none size=500]


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