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Oliver Iron Mining 0-8-0

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There was an article in the Mesabi Daily News on March 18 that talks about the "Locomotive Park" in Mountain Iron, MN.

"$48,000 state garant awarded to Mountain Iron"

"Mountain Iron - Some much needed work will soon commence on Lococomotive Park in downtown Mountain Iron thanks in part to a grant from the Minndesota Historical Society."

The article goes on to say the this grant will be matched by $50,000 from the city of Mountain Iron plus other dollars including $10,000 from the Civic Association of Mountain Iron. The money will got towards "redo the observation stand and put up a number of interpretative signs. There's a whole plan for a park design that we had attached to (the grant request.)"

Included in the park upgrade is a canopy for the locomotive situated there. The locomotive in question is the former DM&N 64 a Baldwin 0-8-0. It was built in 1910 and sold to Oliver Iron Mining about 1927. I do not know when it went on display in Mtn Iron. After I photographed it in 1976 it suffered a lot of decay.

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However, in 1990 it was moved and refurbished by the city as part of their centennial celebration. Today it remains in fairly good shape.

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