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A GP40X Back in Town

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Continuing the trend of cool GP40-types around town on the rails, BNSF now has a rare GP40X working around town.

I was returning this evening from a class up on the hill in Duluth when I saw a Rice's Point job switching Georgia Pacific.
Seeing GP40X 3037 on the point, I scurried over to Railroad Street for a couple of pics.

Here they are spotting a load at GP. With not as many SW-types around town anymore (just a MP15 and SW15 lately) the Geeps get to creak around the curve.

[G2:5818 n=1 frame=none size=500]

They picked up the empty they pulled for the short trip back to the yard. Lucky to catch a train here where their used to be much more action in the good ol' days.

[G2:5821 n=1 frame=none size=500]

Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI