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Bessemers and the 212

As has been noted, the Bessemer trio was broken up in late January.  Before that I managed to get out for a few shots of them.
First up is the 906 leading the 903 and 904 at South Alborn back on Jan. 20th.
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Proctor Steam

Bonus shot of an arriving pellet train with steam from the pellets drifting over a road set that would get on the empties after the pellet loader cleared.   For now the older ore cars continue to dominate the Missabe Sub side of the former DM&IR.

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I never did much shooting in Hibbing proper but did snag this shot (print, one of my first) of the freight house and BN coal loads staged for delivery to the PUC plant on the right. Bob Anderson had quite a few shots I bet.

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Some Cold and the Kelly Lake Local

Figured I would share a few other shots from earlier this week when the temps. were cold(er) than it is now. It was nice to be able to get a few shots of the same train from both ends of the power as the crew went to wye it. Bonus was they did it while the sun was coming up. Even the security guard thought it looked pretty neat after he stopped and asked what the heck I was doing out there so early in the morning. 

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Big Snow

Big snow is forecast for the Twin Ports this Sunday (8-12 inches by some estimates) but we also received a nice blast this past Wednesday when a Clipper came through (the same front that is colliding with moisture on the East Coast today). I was in Carlton and just happened to hear a westbound coal empty get its ticket punched for the Brainerd Sub. Made for a nice shot in moderate snow. 

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A Familiar Paint Scheme Returns......

..if ever so briefly. I was monitoring the Twin Ports radio feed this afternoon and heard GTW 5936 clear off the Rainy Sub and told to hold at Steelton for a long M-347 needing a shove. This allowed me time to scoot over to Oliver and catch the 5936 leaving Steelton (after 347 cleared) headed for Pokegama. The train was an O-470 (odd symbol) and it included rail cars on the head end with general freight following. There was a break in the clouds as the train rolled across the Oliver Bridge but no ice houses that usually populate this area (the June mega flood screwed up all the good channels and fishing spots along the river). This is a scheme I grew up with when the DW&P was a member of the GTC corporation and was worn by Peg RS11s, GP38-2s and SD40s. Welcome home Burdakin Blue. 

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Snow Removal

Get ready, another 8-12 inches are headed our way by some estimates. Today MOW and a contractor were busy clearing Proctor of snow from our recent clipper system that came through Wednesday (combined with some lake effect snow). This hi-rail blower is neat and has been busy the past few weeks (I personally like the ear-splitting snow jets the BN uses in Superior). If we get enough snow maybe the Jordan Spreader parked by the roundhouse will get called out. We can only hope.

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BNSF Bridge Update

The contractor working on the new bridge by the Zoo has started working on pilings.

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Friday Flashback - Saunders Meet

An oldie moldy takes us back to the fall of 1982 and shows a westbound Soo Line train headed towards Moose Lake (and likely Brooten, but possibly TRF) and an inbound BN train (likely 128 from Grand Forks). This was back when the fall grain rush was actually a rush and it was common to see the regular trains heavy with grain plus numerous grain extras. I only took one slide because it was back-lit but all these years later that doesn't seem to bother me time can change impressions. 

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Friday Flashback - BN SD45 All-Rail

Here is a shot I took of a BN all-rail from National Taconite to Granite City in 1981 rolling through St. Paul. Notice the new ore cars followed by the older conventional taconite cars. I liked the SD45s as we didn’t see many up north on a regular basis unless they were on these trains or in the mid-1980s when they handled dock trains for a short period during their last hurrah on BN. 


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