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Before the Rain

I was able to snag this shot before a line of rain showers moved into the Ports this afternoon. Nice seeing a handful of grain cars on the Old Town.

Dave Schauer
Missabe Railroad Historical Society

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Spring Fling

I was able to get out a little this afternoon for lunch and was happy to hear two northbounds meeting a southbound ore train at Coons.

Before that I intercepted the 0600 PRS headed down to Duluth from Proctor with 57 empty limestone cars. Odd to see a single unit on this, but the ore set after it only had 3 units (maybe they put all four together in Duluth for the trip back up).

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Flashback - DM&IR 129

I saw these units on Nov 10, 1990. In addition to the 166 that Dave mentioned, this set included the 187 and 164. All in rather well used condition. Several of these units ended their DM&IR operational careers on lease/rent to LTV Steel Mining Co in the mid 90's. Just before they were sold off or scrapped by the Missabe.

As a bonus another shot shot of a matched set from an earlier time, when the units were in their prime.

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A Foggy Sunday

With the extreme warm temps hitting the region over the weekend and the cool air off Lake Superior conditions were ripe for localized fog. Normally when the fog rolls in I roll out.

First effort was the BNSF's Paper Mill Job working Mike's Yard. It was thick...

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More LSRM SD45 heading out for paint

I think the only time I shot it in revenue service as 7495 was powering this rail train on the Missabe in 2006.

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LSRM SD45 heading out for paint

As Kent mentioned the SD45 headed out of Duluth via CP on Thursday. I was lucky to catch this move about a mile from my house on my way home. Usually more normal to see a CP move this time of the evening heading to Duluth, but here is the transfer from Duluth with the WC SD45.

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Springtime on Sunday

What a difference a week makes here in the Twin Ports. Last week it was snowing like crazy, this weekend it was pushing 60, not much snow left now. Scott & George Carney and I went out for several hours yesterday afternoon, we were down to t-shirts for awhile. We started out going up the hill, turned out to be light power. No shot for Dan as it came around the corner as we got there. We decided to head for Superior to see what was a the BNSF, lots of power in town.
The scanner indicated a couple of North bounds on the Missabe so we headed that way, we caught the MRF South at Saginaw.
A limestone loads at Grand Lake, a GE trio.
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Citirail GEs on NSM Last Month

Rewind back to August...
A month ago, Northshore Mining got their second furnace up and running again at Silver Bay, making the morning trips a regular thing out of Babbitt after just running one train a day after the leased Citirail GEs arrived.  I made some trips up there in August for the morning crude.  Here is a couple of shots from that first Saturday morning standing along with Dave, Todd, and Lester.  
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Sept Tid-Bits

A couple of notes and observations of late.

1.     BNSF and city of Duluth crews were removing the crossings on an unused industrial spur along Raleigh Street and 63rd Avenue west in Duluth. This track was formerly NP and served industry that lined Grand Avenue. The LS&M’s equipment east of the crossings remains on what is left of the short spur. The other track in the area is still in place but there are no active customers.

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SD40-2s Around Superior

Some shots with SD40-2 leaders around Superior as last month closed.
Has been possible to get some SD40-2s off the DME/ICE as that has been the standard power for the road trains from the Twin Cities to the Twin Ports.  The problem is these
trains only run twice per week now, but the 483 has been sometimes running late and showing into Superior after sunrise.
Here is a Tuesday morning version crossing a pair of bridges on BNSF's Hinckley Sub.


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