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A Sunday and Monday Shot From Superior

While it not approaching the grain rushes of the past, there has been a noticeable amount of grain moving through Superior since the beginning of this month.
Sunday was pretty quiet around the elevators, but BNSF made at least one trip with a switch job to pull empties out from under the Blatnik Bridge and towards 28th.  Here the empties pass under Highway 53 on their way to the Corridor behind BNSF 2703.
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LTV F9 Wreck

This wasn’t the best scan but here is a shot I took when the Fs were being cut-up at the Harbor.

 I’ve seen a few taken just after the accident but don’t know if they are on the web.

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Big and Small

While digging through some slides I came across this shot of two scale test cars at Proctor. I always liked the Missabe’s version, it looked so “beefy” for a test car (it was converted from an ore car that had earlier been converted to a diesel sand car). The State of Minnesota car is what traditional scale test cars look like. I’m not sure what happened to the Missabe car but it likely was scrapped.

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A Couple From Monday In Superior

Was able to catch a couple in Superior on Monday after work on a beautiful September day.
Crossing over the Blatnik Bridge I noticed a BNSF job shoving about 50 cars into CHS.  Since it took some time to place the grain loads on three different tracks, I was able to get in position for a shot of BNSF 3004 and the former IAIS that has been working around town.
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Boise Sold

From the newswire: Boise Inc. (NYSE: BZ), which owns an International Falls pulp and paper mill, has agreed to be acquired by Packaging Corporation of America (NYSE: PKG) in a deal valued at nearly $2 billion.

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Grain Season

Every September through October the local grain elevators see an uptick in activity and this past week I was able to get a couple of shots around town. First was at Riverland’s former Cargill elevator where their green SW-1 was moving cars around. I also saw their black GE centercab but it wasn’t moving or in a position to shoot.

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Soo 2719. Finis for me.

Here a some shots from this past Friday's 2719 operations. No new locations just a photographic reflection. 

Roster shot at the LSRM.

Victor next to the vanquished.

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Grain Moving

The traditional fall grain “rush” seems to be here with BNSF operating a number of unit trains in and out of the Ports and CP having a healthy amount of grain on their trains as well. Although not nearly what it was decades ago, it is still nice to see big BNSF engines in Duluth. Today one of the reactivated SD75Is (8298) was sandwiched between a pair of newer units at Rices Point. It looked like they were waiting for a grain shuttle to come out of Riverland (Cargill) but I’m not positive. There is also a Saltie waiting at anchor in the lake and one loading at CHS in Superior.

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FXE Magnetation Shots

As Dave posted, the last Magnetation train through here had another 4 unit set of Ferromex units this past Labor Day weekend.

Along with Dave I was able to catch the four FXE units leading the empties on the Hinckley Sub. last Saturday as part of a 4 train northbound fleet.  Here they are passing through 
Askov during a brief stretch of blue skies on that mostly cloudy morning.
Was surprised they power and mostly old coal gons ran to Magnetation the next day, as they usually are staged at Allouez for awhile, but when a train called to leave at 1430 I figured it must be a CMG train for Gunn (they are many times called at 1400 at Allouez).  Got to Saunders and FXE 4678 was leading 2 x 2.
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CP Derailment

Yesterday on my way to photograph a Canadian ship unloading grain at the former Cargill elevator along Rices Point (an unusual occurrence) I stumbled on a Canadian derailment. CP was switching its former Soo Line yard and it appeared the track gave way or a car picked a switch point. A handful of cars ended up on the ties. Not a major issue as the switch crew could still work around the mess but without large terminal resources like CN or BNSF the job of re-railing the cars cascaded to this morning. Here a couple of the re-railing crew position blocking as they try to pull the car back onto the rail.

This is a shot from yesterday shortly after the incident. The gons appeared to be filled with scrap metal, likely from Azcon (although this one looked empty from the road).


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