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EMD Collection at Belknap

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B&LE 909 Flashback

Here is a flashback to 2000 when B&LE 909 was beginning its rebuild at Proctor (note the 909 near the numberboard). This shot was taken in the Mallet House that CN removed last year due to roof issues. At least the facility is still active under CN, just not to the extent of doing heavy work like this.

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Railfanning Is...

I remember Railfan Magazine running neat little observations under that title. I have been listening to the radio feed lately and CN has a MOW employee with a familiar name; “Railfanning is listening to the radio and hearing a CN RTC telling Wayne Olsen at Biwabik he will need to clear.”   For those of you who don’t know, Wayne Olsen was one of the key rail historians, along with Frank King, in the Twin Ports and helped get the LSRMstarted. I’m not sure how the new MOW employee spells his last name, it could be Olson, but it sounds odd to hear that name in a current railroad setting.

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Here We Go Again

This might be our last blast of winter with temperatures expected to reach near 60 this weekend, but then again...

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Massive Consist

I was able to drive like a mad man after hearing the MRF call RTC wishing to depart Keenan with 11 units, four loads and 29 empties for Proctor. I figured it was worth a good chase. A quick message to Dave in case I didn't catch them and I was off.

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Massive Consist on the MRF

Thanks to a timely heads up from our Emperor of the North (Missabefan) I was able to intercept the MRF today with a stunning 11-unit consist. My first shot was at Alborn where the train held the main for a meet with a Utac empty. As the Merf departed south I snapped a few shots and noticed that I wasn’t the only one stimulated by this power set – note the husband and wife snowman couple on the right (no doubt an earlier crew was tired of fighting the never-ending snow and decided to have some fun with it). I was able to shoot the train at numerous spots back to Proctor while Todd shot it on the north end through to the Culver curve to better show the units (I settled for the curve at Munger and Adolph).

For the record: Leading the train was CN GP40-2W 9544 followed by CN SD40-2W 5338, IC SD40-3 6262, B&LE SD40T-3 904, CN SD40-2W 5337, GTW SD40-2 5934, IC SD40-3 6263, B&LE SD40T-3 900, IC SD40-3 6264, DM&IR SD40-3 406 and CN SD40-2W 5287. Northeastern Minnesota is a great place for lovers of second generation EMD models and snow....

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Some Cloudy Cowls

The first half of April has been tough around the Twin Ports if you are into that sunny photography thing.  Was some surprising sun this morning before our latest snow storm moved in, but that has been more the exception than the rule.  Here are a couple of shots taken in the evening right before "sunset" and was hoping for some dramatic drop down light.   Didn't get lucky with that, but I do like cowls on the point so here are the shots anyways. 
First up is a M349 that had three cowls, shown here on the former WC near Rockmont.
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It was a dark night

Here is another literally middle of the night shot from last night. Photo was snapped at 12:08 a.m. at United Taconite.

The luck of having steaming pellet loads, a new crew, a T-Bird train and a still night all came together for this one.

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Sunday flashback

Seeing the weather is turning for the worse again, here are a few more from the summer of 82.

Another one from Newton Ave, easy to shoot when you only have to walk a half block to get there J. I miss the old assortment of geeps on the Northwestern, they seemed to send quite the mix up here over the years.

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DM&IR 403

The DM&IR 403 is still working out of Two Harbors, leading every other trip. Heard it last night heading south so I went out to intercept and try for another experimental shot. Ended up on the overpass in Biwabik as they rounded the curve out of sight.


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